14th May 2020

At your service

Services are a key enabler of technology deployment and maintenance.

Over the last few years storage technology has made the choice between a Solid State Drive (SSD) and a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) a matter of considerable debate for experts and consumers. Both essentially do the same job but in very different ways. They boot your computer system, store applications and files but the choice may come down to a number of different factors with advantages and disadvantages of both.

As gaming increases its grip on the entertainment industry, some of the biggest blockbusters now come out of developer studios, rather than the Hollywood Hills.

21st April 2020

Out with the old school

Retailers who sell EdTech products could soon be in a class of their own. The EdTech market is growing rapidly as schools and colleges make major investments in the latest innovative and interactive learning tools for kids and students.

21st April 2020

Bett on Exertis

Exertis brands showcase at Bett, the world’s largest education technology show. STM and LocknCharge joined Exertis at the Bett show to showcase a range of gadget protecting and charging accessories, all perfect for the evolving education market

21st April 2020

CES 2020

Our report from the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Journalist Simon Lucas highlights just some of the exciting upcoming tech from his adventures at CES.