2nd July 2021 Discover how LG Monitors can work for you

Expand your point of view with LG monitors that adapt to the needs of business users, gamers, graphic artists and multimedia enthusiasts alike. Discover computer monitors with slim designs, striking colour and life-like motion for an optimal viewing experience.

LG Monitor ERGO
Designed Around You

Ergo stand with Advanced Flexible Design can be positioned at the right height, distance and angle for a comfortable and sustainable user experience. It helps you to boost up productivity and heighten the performance with comfortable and stable posture to allow for a tailor workstation and reduce stress. The flexible workstation is designed to suit individual needs and any type of work performed to result in a comfortable working experience.

How to Ergo

If you are using various external devices, C-Clamp & Grommet allows you to use your space more efficiently by placing microphones, lighting and editing equipment in your space. When editing and stream video, you can adjust the position and keep the monitor close or away depending on the angle you want.

Business Monitor

LG Business Monitors
True Colour at virtually any angle

LG monitors with IPS technology delivers a clear and consistent true colour. It provides visual comfort for viewing charts and reports with others, presenting clear images from virtually any angle. These monitors are colour calibrated to help maintain accurate colour on the screen so it preserves the original intended colour as well as having a flicker safe feature which reduces the onscreen flicker level. The 3-side virtually borderless design with a dual display and bi-directional pivot makes for the ideal workstation for better productivity and efficiency while reviewing documents or researching data.


LG UltraWide Monitors
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