25th February 2021 EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API enables seamless remote monitoring and management of edge computing critical infrastructure

The IT landscape has seen a recent transformation into a hybrid architecture with broadly distributed edge computing sites. Grand View Research predicts that the global edge computing market will reach USD 43.4 billion by 2027. As organisations evolve through this digital transformation, many will leverage automated, real-time applications, which will further increase their reliance on edge computing sites. Many organisations may lack the capacity to manage multiple sites, instead putting IT solution providers in charge of maintaining the sites on their behalf

It can become complicated to maintain a large number of locations remotely. Edge computing sites house a combination of compute, storage, and networking infrastructure that may be difficult and inconvenient to manage from a single console. To combat these inconveniences and inefficiencies, APC by Schneider Electric is on a mission to help facilitate seamless edge operations, continuously building new capabilities into its vendor-agnostic, cloud-based management platform. This platform can be applied to distributed IT infrastructure, EcoStruxure™ IT, developing EcoStruxure™- ready devices, and collaborating with leading IT vendors to create pre-integrated, standardised EcoStruxure™ Micro Data Centre solutions.
With the release of EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API application programming interface, APC took a big step forward to further simplify edge infrastructure management.

IT solution providers can now leverage public API to seamlessly integrate EcoStruxure™ IT Expert into their existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems for better visibility across IT systems. This includes monitoring capabilities for uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) in edge environments, which provide a secondary backup solution, preventing downtime when nothing else will. The power infrastructure is an important link across the entire IT environment, which is why it’s important to optimise it through remote monitoring and management 

This integration drives differentiation, and enriches IT solution providers value proposition with the ability to monitor power and critical infrastructure from the same RMM dashboard they use for applications and user devices. The added functionality simplifies management of distributed IT environments, improves visibility, and minimises the possibility of unplanned downtime. Having fewer screens to navigate across reduces chances of mistakes occurring and improves efficiency.

New remote monitoring functionality improves edge computing management

EcoStruxure™ IT Expert is designed for efficient management of critical infrastructure though real-time monitoring, assessment, instant fault notification, and data-driven recommendations powered by artificial intelligence. The platform is vendor-agnostic, giving providers the option of monitoring equipment from multiple vendors of their choice.

EcoStruxure™ IT Expert performs three primary functions

  • Monitoring environments and issuing alarms for conditions such as high temperature, humidity, and UPS battery health.
  • Configuring multiple infrastructure devices and keeping firmware up-to-date.
  • Collecting and analysing data, allowing administrators to review performance data in real time and use it for actionable insights.

Along with straightforward third-party integration, the EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API improves visibility into critical infrastructure from your main monitoring console, allowing you to capture a snapshot of current conditions to determine if any troubleshooting or administrative intervention is necessary.

EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API also improves reporting by letting you collect real-time measurement data as well as alarms and sensor readings to customise dashboards to your needs and those of your customers.

New business opportunity for IT solution providers

For IT solution providers that have yet to launch power and critical infrastructure monitoring practices, EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API makes it easier to add the service to your portfolio. The API creates a new business opportunity, enabling you to round out your service offerings with a complete, vendor-agnostic edge management solution that identifies and solves urgent problems for critical infrastructures.

IT solution providers can leverage the EcoStruxure™ IT Expert API through their own EcoStruxure™ IT Expert service subscriptions or through their customers. In settings where end customers own the subscriptions, you can obtain authorisation from the customer to integrate it into your service offerings.