9th January 2019 How to take advantage of our evaluation scheme
Choosing a mobile handset can be a tough choice for your customers. Of course, they can be influenced by brand advertising, by reviews from industry experts and the like. However, nothing can beat the opportunity of a try before you buy offering. Evaluation schemes are a great way for customers to really experience a product, hands-on, before deciding what suits them best. Are the features as good as they say, does the battery last that long and do the features meet the price performance your customers are looking for? Brands that offer that opportunity are more likely to end up with a sale and a happy customer.

Exertis offers a free of charge mobile evaluation scheme – something that is not readily available in the market place. The scheme enables you to provide your end customers with the facility to trial various mobile devices, tablets and some accompanying accessories. This provides a great way for your customer to fully evaluate the device and make the right purchasing decision for their company. It also provides you with an added value service that you can use to win the business.

The following manufacturers support our scheme: Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Nokia, STK, Alcatel, ZTE and Exspect. Naturally, devices are constantly changing but your account manager can provide a current list of those that are eligible.

We have made our evaluation scheme as simple and thorough as possible. As you would expect, there are some terms and conditions that are required to be met but the rules are straightforward. Once you have signed your agreement to these, you need to complete a standard request form. Both the T&Cs and request from are available from your account manager or emailing mobileevalscheme@exertis.co.uk. Both forms can be submitted using the aforementioned emailing address.

Requests are reviewed within two working days, at which point you will receive confirmation of stock availability and if applicable an approximate time of despatch. The number of devices available for evaluation are dependent on the size of the opportunity. For example, one device is available for up to 20 potential users, two for 21 to 70 users, three for 71 to 150 and a maximum of 4 for more than 150. Trials are available for up to 4 weeks, although some flexibility on duration may be possible. On some occasions, we may not have evaluation stock available in which case, we can either put you on a waiting list or suggest a suitable, alternative device.

All devices are dispatched with covering paperwork confirming when and where the device is to be returned to, together with a box-contents checklist for your information. Once dispatched, a reseller will receive an email with an IMEI number, tracking details and the expected date of return. An email reminder is automatically sent out one week in advance of the return date. Once we have received the returned device, it is checked for any damage and completeness against the original box contents – you will be advised of any discrepancies or issues within two working days of the return. If there are no problems, the device is then wiped (reset to factory settings) before going back into live evaluation stock.

Following your trial, we will also ask you to complete a quick online survey so that we can gain valuable feedback from you and your customer. This will allow us to continuously improve our evaluation service and provide feedback to our relevant manufacturers. The link to the online survey will be sent by email shortly after your evaluation device has been returned.