8th June 2021 Pushing what’s possible with Android and Exertis

Our Home of Android hub is the perfect one-stop shop for Android phones and related specialist services

You want the best for your customers. We want that, too. Our Home of Android hub has been created with your business’s success in mind. Our range of future-forward models and brands, and specialist services mean we are uniquely placed to give you and your customers all the best Android has to offer.

Home of Android

We’re confident that our Android offering sets us apart from the rest. Not only do we provide you and your customers with the latest, flagship Android models, but our specialised Android services mean you always get the best from your Exertis partnership.

Why Android?

Android’s future-facing technology makes it the perfect asset for you and your customers. With Android, customers can use the right mobiles and devices for any purpose, work smarter, and open up new possibilities. All with exceptional security and control.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform, with over two billion active users, and a rapidly growing enterprise.


Android phones have multi-layered security built into them, for straight-out-the-box protection for your customers. Its hardware backed security performs critical tasks to protect private keys and prevent tampering such as brute-force attacks of screen lock PINs and passwords. Meanwhile, Android’s hardened OS system ensures device and data security.

On top of this, Android offers built-in antimalware, management APIs, Google Play Protect, and keeps its security compliance-approved and up-to-date. So your customers never need to worry about their phones’ security.


Android’s device management is seamless and promises minimal disruption for users. And it’s designed for ease of control, to empower users with device management that’s consistent, powerful, and simple. Android offers your customers simplified, zero-touch enrolment, with centralised administration. Its consistent management framework allows device management with ease and efficiency, while policy and update customisation offer even more flexibility. And it’s Google verified for user confidence.

Open platform

Android’s open and inclusive platform gives your customers the freedom to choose from a broad range of compatible devices to fit any use or price point. And it gives customers access to Google innovation within their device. With Android, your customers can adapt their device to fit their exact, specific needs.

Above the rest

Android’s two billion worldwide users is even more impressive when comparing to iOS, which currently has an estimated 1.65 billion users. While iOS devices offer little choice in devices and customisation, Android-compatible devices are more diversified, with even more customisation being offered once the device is set up. While iOS products are often marketed as ‘easy’ to use, Android allows the user more freedom to make their device truly ‘their own’.

Our Android solutions

At Exertis, we offer a broad range of Android devices to suit your customers’ every need. Our portfolio consists of an impressively wide and extensive selection of products from key Android brands, including Google, Sony, Motorola and Nokia. The pinnacle of this range is the broad collection of Samsung products we have to offer.

Samsung Hub

From the classic devices through to the latest flagship models such as the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra. We are proud to offer our partners and their customers the very best of Samsung, and of Android. The Exertis Samsung Hub doesn’t just showcase our extensive range of Samsung products, but provides a convenient and informative education centre for our partners. Discover information about the range of Samsung devices we offer, our specialist Samsung services, and the many ways Samsung can be integrated into business and personal use – for both you and your customers.

As the Home of Android, we at Exertis are always dedicated to offering you and your customers a choice of all the best devices and specialist services. For more information about our Android offering, email sales.mobile.south@exertis.co.uk or sales.mobile.stoke@exertis.co.uk