7th June 2021 Home of Android meets Samsung

Exertis and Samsung join forces to give your business the very best

Our Android Hub was designed with your business’ success in mind. That’s why our team works hard to make sure you and your customers receive nothing but top tier brands, devices, and services. Our Android Hub paired with Samsung’s unbeatable product ranges means we are unstoppable in providing our customers an elite offering, no matter their requirements.

Samsung: the facts

Samsung is a globally renowned for offering innovative and future-forward tablet, mobile, and computer devices. Today, Samsung can boast employing more Android developers than any other brand across the world – including Google. And their top-range technology was responsible for 75% of the processors found in Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Why Samsung and Android?


Android provides users with an open source platform, allowing users greater choice and control over their device. Their operating system is highly customisable and can be easily calibrated to match any business’ need. Android’s zero-touch deployment makes it easy and convenient for custom apps and features to be applied to multiple devices across the business, meaning users can use their new device as soon as they switch it on. This not only saves time and manpower, but it provides peace of mind that every employee has the tools they need to work at their best from the moment they receive their Android device.


The security of employees and their devices is an important consideration for any business. That’s why Android devices come with fully configured TEE security already built in. This ensures that all areas of the device – from the lockscreen to the internal data – is protected and encrypted. And all Android phones come equipped with Knox security – a top quality security system that ensures all devices, and their data, remain secure.


Individually, Android, Samsung, and Knox can provide users with hardware and software that is second to none. But together, they offer seamless integration and continuity across devices. For the very best Android experience, Android Enterprise recommend Samsung and Knox as key partners.


Samsung’s device range offers solutions suitable for any requirement, for any business. The Rugged Range, for example, provides users with stronger, high-impact devices that require less maintenance, and more time between repairs and replacements. Samsung also offers the A Range, aimed at users looking for low- to mid-range devices that can adapt to the needs of their organisation, as well as Premium devices. Samsung’s extensive range of devices combined with Android’s wide variety of apps on the PlayStore (33% more than Apple’s App Store) means Samsung and Android can provide businesses with any number of customisable and adaptive tools for their organisation.

Our partnership in the real world

Samsung and Android have the tools and potential to do great things for businesses of all industries. With Android’s customisable and secure operating system, and Samsung’s broad and expansive range of devices, businesses are able to find the exact solutions they need to increase productivity.


In 2018, Co-Op decided to go mobile and digitally transform their business. Their aim was to save time for colleagues on smaller tasks, and reduce administrative burden. The team initially began with entry level Samsung devices, before moving on to the Rugged Range. This product range was specifically useful for use on the shop floor, as its anti-drop protection and water resistance made it able to withstand bumps and scrapes that could occur, as well as needing to be fixed and replaced less often. Giving workers access to mobile working on Samsung devices meant Co-Op could keep its usual functionality, but with increased productivity, and the ability for employees to choose how they worked. This also meant that managers had the freedom to be on the shop floor more often to have a real presence around their colleagues, and to deal with day-to-day issues. Ultimately, the integration of Samsung devices into the Co-Op’s operations allowed for more communication and collaboration, and more business agility.


In April 2020, Southeastern decided to exchange their current Windows devices for their station staff. A priority for them was smooth enrolment that could be adapted so suit shift patterns; something that could have been difficult, with several staff members in different locations. It was also important that users had the ability to explore their devices and become used to them, so they could be used for both work and personal use. After testing, they decided on the A51 Enterprise Edition. A success factor for this customer was the support Samsung were able to provide them. With 4 years security maintenance, 3 years enhanced support, and 2 year lifecycle, and integrated Knox security, Southeastern were certain they were able to give their employees high-quality, sustainable devices that can be counted on to perform when, and how, they’re needed to.

Samsung and Android collaborate to bring users the very best, every time. With Samsung’s rich offering of devices for all uses and needs, and Android’s secure and highly customisable base, every Samsung user has the chance to find a device that lets them do more. The Exertis Home of Android Hub holds a wide portfolio of Samsung and Android devices, so you and your customers always get the best solution, no matter your requirements.