22nd December 2021 Is Dell Technologies 15G PowerEdge worth it?

We’re experts at helping you place the right Dell Technologies products with customers. And with Dell Technologies’ PowerEdge you have a choice of servers for all your customer scenarios. But what about Dell Technologies 15G? Do we think it’s worth your customers investing in the latest generation of servers?

15G is Dell Technologies’ latest generation of PowerEdge servers. And it’s the most wide-ranging, automated, and secure portfolio they’ve ever created. Dell Technologies have innovated and focused heavily on delivering business and service quality improvements to make it a worthwhile investment.

Built for high-demand workloads, 15G PowerEdge servers are pushing the boundaries of possibility with increased compute, graphic options, and interconnects. At the Edge increased compute drives application developers and system engineers to maximise local resource and achieve outcomes.

By using AI, autonomous management, and 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, PowerEdge frees up time for IT teams to focus on business innovation at the application layer or refining existing processes.

But the real impact that Dell Technologies PowerEdge 15G can make is as an investment. Refreshing to the next generation of PowerEdge could future proof your customers’ business. Being OS compatible with VMware for instance, is just one important aspect of modernising their IT infrastructure.

Upgrading can also save money in the long term. With improved flexible autonomous management delivering up to 85%-time savings and the latest cooling technology giving them up to 60% reduction in power consumption, it’s clear to see how this can easily become a smart investment.

The 15th generation of PowerEdge servers is turning its AI capability into a cost-saving, dynamic tool that has the power to completely transform your customers’ infrastructure. But every customer is different, so contact us at servers@exertisenterprise.com and we’ll help you choose the best option.