23rd December 2021 Using the cloud to transform businesses

Helping your customers migrate to the cloud with Microsoft Azure and Intel

The popularity of cloud computing has been increasing for years. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated its growth. We look at how Microsoft Azure and Intel work together to help your customers’ business migrate.

With such a swift and significant uptake, the cloud has become an integral part of many business’ operations. But some are wary of the time and effort involved in migrating workloads to the cloud. That’s why Intel® and Microsoft Azure are making migration easy, quick, and worry-free.

Many enterprises recognise the potential benefits of cloud computing. But IT departments can struggle with moving many complex and diverse applications to the cloud. Many don’t have time to move tools and use separate management systems for separate on-premises and cloud-based workloads, which have become more prevalent over the last 18 months.

To succeed, these organisations need a solution that can allow them to seamlessly migrate applications without refactoring or rewriting. They also need a lower barrier to entry with tools that are familiar to the customer, and powerful performance that allows customers to experience the value of cloud.

The solution

Microsoft Azure is a cost efficient and flexible way for customers to move to a modern workplace and migrate to the cloud. Azure works with Microsoft applications with high compatibility and hybrid capabilities. At Exertis Cloud, we’ve partnered with Microsoft to deliver the best reseller cloud solutions. Our Microsoft Portfolio is simple, flexible, and fully designed for the end-user.

Intel processors support a broad range of Azure workloads, delivering performance, scale and value to businesses migrating to the cloud. Intel and Microsoft have used co-engineering efforts to cover a wide range of services within Azure, combining cutting edge hardware to deliver an intelligent cloud.

Azure offers a broad range of Intel® Xeon® Processor–based VMs, whether you’re seeking virtual machines (VMs), or you have compute-intensive needs for your AI, machine learning and other HPC workloads. Intel technologies support the full breadth of Azure workloads, from general-purpose and WVD, to HPC and big compute.

Entering into the new world of flexible working can be a daunting time for businesses, especially after the uncertainty of the last 18 months. But with Intel® and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, you can provide your customers with a solution that not only gives them a high quality, secure way to migrate to the cloud, but also the peace of mind that allows them to continue their business seamlessly.

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