19th November 2021 Introducing the Micron 7400 SSD

Solid-state storage optimised for growing, evolving infrastructure

Memory and storage solution provider Micron have announced the launch of the Micron 7400 SSD. This new, innovative storage solution is said to offer the world’s broadest SSD portfolio for datacentre infrastructure, with PCIe Gen4 performance that scales, and a leading edge of security with hardware driven performance. With the 7400 SSD, Micron are giving users design flexibility to deliver the form factors, power, and security that their datacentres demand.

About Micron

Micron is a globally-known innovator in memory and storage solutions. Their aim is to accelerate the transformation of information into intelligence, and inspire the world to learn, communicate, and advance faster than ever. They have defined themselves as experts in everything from datacentre solutions, to artificial intelligence, to autonomous vehicles. And their technology drives key applications such as 5G, client and consumer apps, industrial IoT, mobile, networking, and more. Through their partnership with Exertis Enterprise, we’re able to offer our customers direct access to their broad and extensive portfolio of innovative solutions.

Micron 7400 SSD

The Micron 7400 SSD is a flexible line of datacentre SSDs supporting standard server storage (U.3), cloud and 1U platforms, as well as system boot (M.2). It is available in the world’s broadest variety of form factors, all designed to help users balance the evolving capacity, power, and thermal needs for any datacentre. And with a wide capacity range from 400GB to 7.68TB, the Micron 7400 SSD supports applications from boot to high-capacity storage. The Micron 7400 SSD also delivers two times the throughput of Micron’s last-generation mainstream SSD, and is fully backwards compatible with PCIe Gen3 systems.
The Micron 7400 SSD supports trusted industry standards to enable integration with users’ encryption key management solutions, to provide seamless authentication and management of self-encrypting drive assets.

State of the art security

Micron’s 7400 SSD manages evolving threats with its variety of innovative security features. Its robust approach to security has been built over generations of Micron datacentre SSDs, with this latest release now offering seven new security features that help address emerging concerns. Especially those relating to data and data-driven applications being virtualised, moved to the cloud, or containerised. Key security features such as a secure extension environment, RSA delegation and strong asymmetric key support, secure boot, and key based firmware updates and privileged access give users peace of mind that their datacentres are managed and secure against developing threats.

Built for mainstream workloads

The Micron 7400 SSD has been specifically optimised for mainstream NVMe SSD workloads, including SQL and NoSQL databases, block and object stores, VDI and server virtualisation, and cloud storage. And with its PCIe Gen4 NVMe interface and vertically integrated architecture, the Micron 7400 SSD brings powerful performance to seven physical form factors with end-to-end validation. It also offers users a high degree of configurability with up to 128 namespaces, multiple-sector-size support, and standards-based management, with low power and reduced total cost of ownership.

With the release of the 7400 SSD, Micron have once again proved themselves as experts in the field of memory and storage solutions. With unbeatable flexibility, solid security, and workload optimisation, the Micron 7400 SSD’s innovative design makes it stand out as a must-have for evolving infrastructure.

For more information on Micron and the Micron 7400 SSD, contact a member of the Exertis Enterprise team today on disk@exertisenteprise.com