22nd November 2021 Transforming device management for the Natural History Museum

Dell Technologies has helped the Natural History Museum make a major breakthrough in administering clients and transforming the workplace. We look at Dell Technologies PC as a Service (PCaaS) and how it was used by one of the world’s top 10 museum’s to lower costs and improve productivity.

What is Dell Technologies PCaaS?

Today’s workforce needs PCs and PC accessories to get work done from anywhere and at any time. They need PCs to be fully configured on receipt and IT departments need to maintain the system’s fitness and security to minimise disruption and ensure responsible retirement of all hardware.

When a business or organisation uses Dell Technologies PCaaS, they not only get a modernised employee experience, but a single reliable provider to take care of all their IT needs. And because of the monthly price paid for using PCaaS, there is no upfront investment they have to worry about.

Why did the Natural History Museum need Dell Technologies PCaaS?

The Natural History Museum wanted to modernise the way it managed refresh cycles for its 1,400 client devices. They were in a common situation for many businesses where their fleet of devices was aging and needing maintenance, which meant that IT costs were also increasing.

The challenge of managing devices that were becoming unreliable was putting pressure on IT, with increasingly large numbers of support tickets being raised. This also reduced the time to work with third parties on the disposal of old devices, which impacted the museum’s sustainability goals.

What did Dell Technologies PCaaS offer?

Dell Technologies put forward a solution that would solve the Natural History Museum’s device management problems. Working with Dell Financial Services (DFS), the museum’s stakeholders could easily set up a monthly payment plan that worked for them.

Dell Technologies PCaaS also offered the Natural History Museum a way to fully support remote working, enabling the museum to ramp up its working capabilities by giving staff reliable, high-performance laptops to use at home.

What has it meant for the Natural History Museum?

By adopting Dell Technologies PCaaS, they have transformed processes, simplified lifecycle management, optimised expenses and aligned IT disposal with sustainability goals. Dell Technologies PCaaS is powering the work of the Museum’s 350 scientists and helped developers create apps that bring the natural world to life for children.

The Museum experienced instant business results from adopting Dell Technologies PCaaS:

  • Protected cash flow liquidity with flexible payments
  • Reduced management costs by one redeployed FTE
  • Improved staff productivity with support tickets down 75%
  • Simplified lifecycle management, including asset recovery
  • Freed up time for strategic IT tasks
  • Helped align IT with museum’s sustainability strategy

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