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Windows 10 Pro powers the world’s largest selection of business devices from leading manufacturers, creating a wide spectrum of devices that can meet the most exacting standards of performance, security, design, and experiences.

Personalise your PCaaS solution with services to suit your business’s needs

In today’s digital age, almost every sector has turned to computers to provide essential aspects of operation. But as businesses enter this new era, management of these devices can prove difficult. Whether a workplace is home to a single PC, or a fleet of PC devices, the correct management of these products is important to maintaining control and productivity in a work environment. Fujitsu’s PC as a Service (PCaaS) has been designed with this in mind. From initial purchase, to deployment, to everyday operations, PCaaS helps businesses manage their PCs for the entire lifecycle of the device. And with Fujitsu, customers are able to create a bespoke PCaaS solution, with the power to choose only the services they truly need.

Business benefit

PCaaS is designed to ease the burden of technology in your business. With Fujitsu taking care of the deployment and management of your PCs, you can focus entirely on running your business

Modern working

In the modern workplace, different employees have different needs. Catering to mobile workers, flexible workspaces, shared PCs or on-the-go devices are all part of being a flexible business. Fujitsu PCaaS keeps your workers productive and connected, however or wherever they work

Smart budgets

PCaaS gives you the flexibility to shift from CAPEX to OPEX with a single monthly payment. This one price covers devices, support, and whichever services you choose

Easy deployment

Fujitsu takes care of everything you need to get set up with PCaaS, from the factory to your desks. Your IT team don’t need to do a thing until you’re fully up and running, giving them (and you) one less thing to worry about. Not only that, but our rollout and in-life services mean your devices always compliment your current IT, and replace what you no longer need

Staying up-to-date

Make sure your employees always have the tools they need to succeed. With Fujitsu, you can add managed rollouts and ongoing support to boost productivity and limit downtime. And it’s easy to add, remove, and adjust services to make sure your PCaaS solution keeps pace with your business

More sustainable

Fujitsu offers its PCaaS customers new devices every three years, and a recycling service for old tech. So your business can keep your devices up-to-date while remaining responsible and sustainable


Fujitsu is here to lead your business through every stage of acquiring, setting up, and managing your devices. In this process, there’s five key stages where their expertise can help your business

Choosing a device

The more information Fujitsu has about your business’s needs, the more specific their recommendations can be. Talk about your people, and Fujitsu will handpick devices and services they feel would be a good match. And you only pay for what you actually need, on a per-person per-month basis

Custom build

Once you and a Fujitsu expert have agreed on the device and services you need, a Fujitsu dedicated service delivery manager begins to build your device to your custom specifications


When your device arrives, the Fujitsu engineers take on the hard work of setup, so you don’t have to lift a finger. While you focus on your day-to-day operations, the engineer will install the devices, check security, connect to networks and printers, and inform your IT department if any issues arise. They’ll even recycle your old tech for you

Lifecycle management

Fujitsu won’t just install your device and leave. Your device comes with all the services and tools you need to manage and track assets for the entire lifecycle of your device. And if you need any assistance, need to use your warranty, or want to add devices, Fujitsu’s UK support team is waiting and ready to help at any time

New beginnings

With PCaaS, Fujitsu will supply new devices every three years, making sure your employees always have access to the latest tech. And Fujitsu will even be happy to come and recycle your old devices. From beginning to end, Fujitsu are there to support your business.

Computers are at the forefront of the modern workforce, and keeping pace can be a struggle. Fujitsu’s PCaaS gives you the control to create custom solutions that work for your business, without consuming too much of your time or focus. And because you’re choosing the solution, you only pay for what you need, and can add or change services at any time. So you can keep your eye on your day-to-day operations, and let Fujitsu take care of the rest.

fujitsu notebook u7310

  • Windows 10 Pro. Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.
  • Excellent security for your business
  • Premium connectivity
  • Convenient upgradeability
  • Family concept