5th January 2021 Future Proof your Business

The industry definition of the modern workplace is always changing, but recent events have seen an unusual number of businesses undergoing a rapid shift to a remote model. Across the board at Exertis, we have seen brands such as VMware, Fujitsu, Intel, Dell, Lenovo & Poly all adapt their strategies to suit the current market. Workforce enablement through technology has also become more integral to business operations than ever before. It’s now imperative to the survival of businesses to enhance their technology infrastructure. This is done through client computing for standard operational function, UC devices and collaboration tools to maintain productivity, and a renewed focus on digital cyber security as businesses operate over remote VPNs and expose themselves to additional risk.

As the pandemic progresses, many business strategies have either been dramatically forced to change or wiped clean entirely in order to adapt to a changing world. But we have also learned a great deal and gained valuable experience that we can use and invest back into business.
There is a new reality facing us now, one which can be just as positive if we build resilience and reset strategies to make them work in a remote working world. It’s important to create effective strategies designed for each activity within your enterprise and to stay flexible and responsive.

Here are the three phases that describe how our biggest vendors like Dell, VMware, Fujitsu, Intel, Lenovo and Poly have been responding to the current pandemic, and the future steps that may be needed to reset strategies entirely.


The first thing businesses did was focus on keeping customers and their people safe, whilst staying operational as much as possible during the pandemic. This was a dramatic time with plenty of quick changes and took even quicker thinking on the part of business leaders.
Your key activity: Temporary fixes were put in place to stop the bleeding and stay operational.


This second period is still ongoing. Although less hectic, it has nonetheless required immense coordinated effort on the part of leaders to stabilise operations and adapt to new circumstances. Your key activity: If you haven’t already, create a strong plan to restore to a scalable state.
Your key activity: Identify capabilities that strengthen, refactor, reopen, rehire, rebudget, and resupply your business.


When we come to this period, it could go on for a long time as we continue to adapt to a post-pandemic world. This will be marked by strategy change and a focus on durable execution across the organisation.
Your key activity: Learn to conduct operations processes and workflows in new, repeatable, scalable ways.

Your key activity: Use lessons learned and emergent patterns from prior phases to coalesce around a new foundation and way forward.
With limited cash available, it is likely that businesses will prioritise subscription-based products and services to spread the financial impact and reduce upfront costs. By combining Dell Powerstore with already built-in Intel software, you can go to market with a ready-made solution, reducing your upfront costs and providing a whole ready-made package to your end-user.
Explore how our vendors have developed a solution to suit the modern way of working.

Explore how our vendors have developed a solution to suit the modern way of working.