8th March 2021 Progress made real

How Dell is making a positive social impact on humankind and the planet.

Dell may be a computing giant, but they want their environmental footprint to be as small as possible. They’re assessing the environmental effect of their operations up until 2030, focussing on Advancing Sustainability, Cultivating Inclusion, Transforming Lives, and Upholding Ethics and Privacy.

We look at exactly what Dell’s Progress Made Real initiative is, and how we are starting to see this impact taking shape through how they create and package their technology products.

How Dell is making progress real

Dell is using its reach, technology, and people to make the key changes, with annual reporting so they can make the progress real. They open their reporting to the world with full transparency, displaying the progress they’re making on their yearly goals.

Dell is creating Moonshot Goals across each of their Progress Made Real areas, after assessing and examining what’s material to the business. These goals will be used to build the Dell social impact strategies right up until 2030.

How Dell is advancing sustainability

Dell want 100% of packaging to made from recycled or renewable materials and 75% of their electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030, with 100% by 2040. Dell are helping accelerate circularity by preventing and recycling the 8 million tonnes of ocean bound plastic per year.

Dell believe their boldest next sustainability step is making sure they take back as much as they produce, while substantially ramping up the use of recycled and renewable materials in their products. Dell want to help rethink, redesign, reuse, and recycle our way to a better future.

How Dell is transforming lives

As a global tech leader, Dell embraces the responsibility to lead the transformation of the digital era. That means applying technology in meaningful ways that reflect the humanity and shared values of the planet. With Dell’s reach and scale, this means limitless possibilities to make an impact.

By 2030, Dell will help 1000 non-profit partners digitally transform to better serve their community. They want to advance health, education, and economic opportunity initiatives for 1 billion people. 50% of the people empowered will be girls, women, or underrepresented groups.

How Dell is cultivating inclusion

A cornerstone of Progress Made Real is Cultivating Inclusion. Dell view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. They believe a diverse team is a stronger team when it comes to addressing societal challenges and they want 50% of their global workforce to be women by 2030.

Dell is dedicated to recruiting and developing people who identify as women across their global operations, especially in technical and leadership roles, where they remain underrepresented. Dell believe this is not only the right thing to do, but also a smart business move.

How Dell is upholding ethics and privacy

Dell believe that ethics and privacy play a critical role in creating a strong foundation for positive social impact during the growth of big data and innovation, as well as changing regulation and customer expectations. That’s why this area is a major guidepost for Progress Made Real.

Dell will continue their commitment to transparency so that customers can easily access, delete, and make changes to their personal data when necessary. By 2030, they will fully automate their data control processes, making it easier for customers to control their personal data.

How Dell’s products are making progress

A great example of a product that’s already a part of this journey is the Dell Latitude 7300. The business laptop is 24 grams lighter than the previous generation, with 18.8% recycled plastics content. 25% of this is ocean bound plastic, and 75% recycled HDPE plastic.

The feature-rich Dell Latitude 5520 is also advancing sustainability whilst delivering performance, scalability, and mobility. Dell have used bioplastics from trees in the lid, to create a lower footprint during manufacturing. Just some examples of how Dell products are part of Progress Made Real.

How you can find out more about Dell

We have resources on Dell’s Progress Made Real programme, where you can discover more on how to future proof your business. Watch our video ‘Turning the tide on ocean plastics with Dell’ to see how their products make the difference. Or read our brand sustainability brochure in full here.

How we’re building a sustainable future

Sustainability is a key focus and we’ve been working with suppliers, vendors, and customers to optimise packaging. This means reducing material waste, supporting the circular economy, and increasing dropship services to reduce our carbon footprint.

Built around key initiatives, we’re innovating the way we use packaging to have a positive impact on the environment. Initiatives include working with our major suppliers, redesigning and reducing the size of packaging, supporting second-life products, and cutting down the movement of goods.