5th January 2022 Are their Lenovo devices protected?

Lenovo devices are ideal for many of your customers in business, finance, and health. But they also need to protect their devices, especially when they work in sectors that deal with sensitive data. This blog will look at some key Lenovo services that customers will need to protect their fleet of devices.

Why do my customers need Lenovo services?

The shift to remote working is continuing to increase, which means customers will be looking for a more secure way to manage devices. Good security starts with proper cyber hygiene, and they will need tools that have visibility on devices wherever they are and be able to act if needed.

Those working in finance and healthcare will need security solutions that leave no gaps in coverage. This is especially important as the sheer volumes of data and its sensitivity will continue to grow, which in turn increases the potential damage that can be caused by a data breach.

What type of customer will need Lenovo services?

Any customers that work in the finance and healthcare sectors may require a fleet of Lenovo devices to roll out to employees that are spread around the country. This creates a flexible workforce, but it also increases the need to protect important client and patient information no matter the location.

Lenovo services are there to deliver peace of mind. Your customers may not have considered some key questions about their fleet of devices. What will you do if your device is lost? Do you have a way to track each device? What happens when data is taken off-site? Have you considered geo-fencing?

Which Lenovo services will my customers need?

Here’s a quick summary of what each Lenovo security service provides to protect devices:

ThinkShield Endpoint Visibility and Control powered by Absolute

With cyber threats all around, endpoints are under constant risks both on and off the network. Lenovo offer a cloud-based SaaS solution that maintains a constant device connection providing visibility to all your endpoints and the ability to remediate threats.

Lenovo Keep Your Drive

Keep Your Drive (KYD) lets you keep your Lenovo™ drive and data within your custody, improving   security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks. Letting you dispose of business data on your terms, KYD is best purchased with the system as the coverage continues throughout the lifecycle.

Sentinel One

Sentinel One is an autonomous AI platform that prevents, detects, responds, and hunts in the context of all enterprise assets. This is a vital tool to protect devices from ransomware and creates endpoint security in the cloud.

Cyber security for a spread-out work force is essential for those working in banking, finance, and healthcare. To discuss it in more detail, contact your Exertis account manager today!