10th September 2021 An AOC monitor solution for every customer

Monitors come in all shapes and sizes from AOC, making them a valued brand for our reseller partners. AOC monitors can be used for gaming, home, and for business, giving you customer solutions that cater for all setups and environments.

AOC’s range of monitors is as diverse as your customers, with different sizes, and screen types including both flat and curved. We take a quick look at three categories of monitor that AOC offer, and help you understand how their solutions can support your customers.

For gaming

The AOC 24G2U Flat Gaming Monitor

You can help them unleash their gaming potential with the AOC 24G2U Flat Gaming Monitor. They can experience twice the frame rate of other monitors, with a 144 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms MPRT and FreeSync Premium support, which eliminates stuttering and tearing.

With its 23.8″ IPS panel with Full HD resolution, customers can experience colour-accurate images. They also have the option to expand their view with multiple monitor setups. And with the monitor’s frameless design, they have the minimum bezel distraction to create the ultimate battle station.

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The AOC C24G2U Curved Gaming Monitor

The ideal monitor for fast-gaming action, with its refresh rate of 165 Hz and 1ms response time. The VA panel removes any ghosting, making it suited for competitive and action-packed gaming experiences. And FreeSync Premium  guarantees perfect synchronicity between monitor and GPU.

The 165 Hz refresh rate is well over twice the industry standard of 60 Hz, which makes the games run incredibly smoothly. The curved design of the monitor also wraps around the player, putting them at the centre of the action and provides the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

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For business

The AOC CU34P2A Curved Business Monitor

Designed for business, the CU34P2A delivers productivity, connectivity, and comfort in one. Tailored for professional users of monitors who are looking for true efficiency, it’s equipped with a curved 1500R 34” VA/3FL screen, with 21:9 ultra-wide QHD resolution and 300 cd/m2 brightness.

Professionals can also enjoy full ergonomics with AOC’s height, tilt and swivel adjustable stand, helping your customers find the most comfortable and healthy position. Although made for business, the CU34P2A is also ideal for gaming with its 100Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

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The AOC Q24P2Q Flat Business Monitor

Your customers can expect stunning picture quality a wide variety of convenient features, all designed for the business professional to get the most out of their workday. Fully adjustable, the Q24P2Q also includes a USB 3.2 hub, Low Blue Mode, and Flicker-Free technology.

AOC’s trademark frameless design means that they can enjoy seamless multi-monitor setups. And if they need it, the full pivot function allows the monitors to be switched to portrait mode in seconds, which is especially useful for desktop publishing professionals.

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For home

The AOC M2470SWH Flat Home Monitor

The M2470SWH delivers eye-catching imagery and thrilling entertainment, all in the comfort of their own home. With VA (vertical alignment) panels, it displays deeper blacks with higher contrasts for incredibly bright and vivid images however they use their monitor.

With FHD, your customers can watch movies and play games in full high definition 1920 x 1080 picture quality. This means they won’t need a high-end graphics card to get the most out of their monitor experience at home.

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The AOC I1659FWUX Portable Monitor

The I1659FWUX gives your customers optimum performance for on-the-go viewing in FHD resolution. All they have to do is connect this portable 16″ extra monitor with one single USB cable, and enjoy effortlessly smart features such as the foldable stand and auto-pivot function.

AOC’s myConnect USB monitor delivers freedom and flexibility. A single USB cable connects their laptop directly to the display, completely eliminating the need for extra media cables and a power supply. The USB cable then transfers data and acts as an energy efficient power source.

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To see the range in full, just visit our AOC brand page to browse everything they have to offer. Discover AOC