7th August 2019 How to accelerate your business with Exertis

Here’s four ways that Exertis can help you to service and grow your business.

(1) Credit Accelerator

At Exertis, we offer a wide range of financial solutions designed to support your business and alleviate cash flow challenges including: leasing solutions, flexible payment terms, company guarantees, end user billing, temporary increased credit and direct debit. We also recognise that credit can be a barrier to winning more business, particularly for our SMB resellers, so we have added the opportunity for you to grow your credit limit from £5000 to £25,000 in six months. By simply keeping to our monthly payment terms, settling your account by direct debit within thirty days end of month and spending at least seventy-five per cent of your available credit with Exertis, your credit will be automatically increased. It’s called our Credit Accelerator programme and it’s available now. Just ask your account manager for details on how to apply and once accepted, you can start to benefit.*

(2) Services

We have a wide range of value-added services that you can take advantage of to provide extra peace of mind and great customer satisfaction for your clients. Did you know that we can:

  • Install components – memory, graphics cards
  • Replace HDD with SSD
  • Install SSD for faster bootup and running
  • Carry out DOA tests to ensure device isn’t faulty prior to shipment
  • Apply asset tags to hardware
  • Apply pre-created images to PC, laptop or server
  • Carry out pre-delivery checks for printers
  • Provide a pre-defined customer labelling prior to shipment
  • Why not ask us about these or any other services you require.

(3) Market opportunities: Digital Signage

It’s a growing market, applicable to a wide range of vertical industries and organisations of all sizes, and Exertis Pro AV should be your go-to partner. We can provide a complete end-to-end service, so that you can concentrate on winning the business and we can help you to deploy and manage it. Make sure you are asking your customers about digital signage opportunities, because if you’re not, someone else will.

(4) Market opportunities: Upgrade to Windows 10

Despite the publicity surrounding end of life of Windows 7, as many as a third of companies are still running the operating system on some machines. That’s certainly worth a conversation with your customers. Security is one of the most compelling reasons for users to upgrade to Windows 10 – PCs running Windows 7 after 14th January 2020 aren’t considered protected. With Windows 7 approaching its end of life, resellers need to be urging their customers to migrate to Windows 10 with the opportunity to provide higher end devices that will last longer. Exertis has a wide portfolio of PC brands, all with Windows 10 installed, from Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Acer, ASUS and Toshiba. Speak to your account manager for further information.