13th September 2021 Your Microsoft licenses. Like never before.

Introducing Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

On the 19th August 2021, Microsoft announced some changes to the way licenses for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and the newly released Windows 365 are bought and managed. These key changes mean that everyone from CSP direct bill partners, to indirect providers and indirect resellers will have a more up-to-date experience when purchasing their Microsoft licenses.

Key changes

The New Commerce Experience includes the introduction of seat-based offers for products that fall into three categories. For end customers needing more flexibility, Microsoft can offer one month commitment licenses. Whereas stable end customers looking for competitive pricing can sign up for a one-year commitment license. And for Microsoft 365 only, end customers can sign up for a longer period with a three-year commitment license.

To make sure customers get a license that matches how their business operates, Microsoft are also now allowing the mixing of the above license types, meaning customers can create their own bespoke package that works best for their business.

Changes for customers

With all these exciting changes upcoming, some questions may arise on how this affects existing Microsoft customers. Microsoft will be announcing their transition plan in the coming weeks and the team will brief you as information becomes available.  The window opens for migrations from 1st October 2021.  After March 31st 2022, orders and renewals will only be able to be made through the New Commerce Experience.  With February 2023 being the final date for all remaining licenses to be moved to the New Commerce Experience.

Our support

As your cloud provider, the team at Exertis Cloud are ready to help you navigate these changes. We’ll be testing the New Commerce Experience through September, so it’s all ready to be launched to our customers in October. We’ll also be running webinars and 1-2-1 training sessions to make sure our partners can continue to operate as normal. Throughout this whole process, we’ll be providing support to make sure our partners can move their licenses to the New Commerce Experience whenever they’re ready to.

For more information on the Microsoft New Commerce Experience, contact your Exertis Cloud manager. And make sure you keep an eye out for your special invitation to a special Exertis Cloud Coffee Club where we will run through this announcement in more detail and answer any questions you may have.