1st February 2021 Brilliant touch displays with SmoothTouch

Philips Touch Monitors offer innovative, user-friendly solutions for a wide array of usage scenarios and professions

Equipped with Projected-Capacitive (P-Cap) touch these interactive displays can support up to 10 points and feature advanced IP65 protection against contact, water, and dust.

Wide array of usage scenarios

  • Point of Sale

Philips Touch Monitors are the perfect choice for all of your retail and Point of Sale needs. Connect to your POS terminal system for easy stock management, assist customers more efficiently and improve the check-out experience.

  • Point of Information

Philips Touch Monitors bring dynamism and convenience to Point of Information environments, allowing people to easily obtain information at airports, shopping malls, train stations and entertainment venues.

  • Hospitality

Philips Touch Monitors improve customer relations and satisfaction across the hospitality sector. Obtain data quickly, facilitate customer-employee interaction, build loyalty and streamline your workflow.

  • Education

Philips Touch Monitors enhance the educational experience for students and teachers alike. Share information, accelerate learning and development, encourage curiosity, heighten enjoyment and boost IT skills.

Boost Productivity