16th June 2021 Reimagining education with Fujitsu

Microsoft Education helps deliver personalized learning for every student with devices built for the classroom and beyond starting at $219 for notebooks and $299 for 2-in-1 laptops with touch and Windows Ink.

Crafting education solutions for the digital era

Technology is becoming a big part of the classroom, from organisational tools for teachers, to devices built for effective learning and studying. Fujitsu’s education product portfolio focuses on giving the education sector the tools it needs to ensure efficiency, productivity, and high-quality learning and teaching

Fujitsu for everyone

From classroom learning, to at-home studying, to the completion and checking of homework tasks, technology has become a big part of how education takes place. Fujitsu understand that this affects everyone from school administrators, to teachers, to students and their parents.


Today’s teenagers and young adults rely on technology to help them communicate and function within the world. Incorporating up-to-date technology into their education is key to keeping learning relevant, engaging, and limitless. With the right technology, students are offered the chance for deeper and more collaborative learning than ever before. And Fujitsu’s education portfolio devices are designed to be both durable and mobile, so they’re perfect for working in class and studying at home, and everywhere in-between.


Technology is allowing teachers opportunities to delve deeper into subjects, and give a higher quality of teaching. But the key to accessing these opportunities is making sure teachers are equipped with technology that can help them succeed. Fujitsu’s devices allow teachers to stay organised and on top of their workloads, making sure they can stay connected wherever they are.


Parents want to help their children succeed. Fujitsu’s education portfolio devices make this possible like never before. Innovative technology allows parents to efficiently help with homework and track their children’s progress. So they can maintain control and visibility, while spending less time monitoring how their children work.

Why Fujitsu?

With their education portfolio devices, Fujitsu is offering students and teachers a ‘hybrid’ method of working and learning. With the help of this reliable and agile technology, students can access their learning material in a way that is flexible and efficient to their specific needs. Meanwhile, apps like Office 365 allows easier organisation for teachers, so they can spend more time on teaching, and less on the behind-the-scenes work. And with Fujitsu’s ongoing tech support, teachers no longer have the added worry of maintaining technology on their own.

Fujitsu have decades of experience in creating and installing technology for use in educational spaces. This has given them insight into how to build solutions that serve the need of students and educators alike, while keeping to set budgets. Fujitsu’s devices are cost-effective, secure, and deliver both performance and durability. Meaning both students and teachers have the tools they need to deliver and receive education in an efficient way that drives productivity.

Fujitsu’s solutions

Fujitsu have an extensive range of products designed with the best solutions for learning in mind, that can deliver the best results for teachers and students.


Fujitsu’s Lifebooks are reliable and high-quality notebooks that boost learning, whether in the classroom, the library, or at home. The Lifebook E Series blends a slim and lightweight exterior with ergonomic viewing, anti-glare display, and an innovative fingerprint sensor. Meanwhile, the Lifebook U7 and U9 Series boast ultra-mobility and ultra-security, premium connectivity and biometric scanning, wrapped in an easy-to-carry, durable exterior.


Fujitsu’s range of Celsius workstations are quiet enough for the library, and packed full of tools to boost creativity, simulation and visualisation. Offering professional quality, the Celsius range has been optimised to work with a host of leading applications, and can come as mobile, desktop, or rack. The Celsius J Series workstations are small and quiet, yet powerful, and are perfect for studying in the library and small study spaces. The Celsius M Series, meanwhile, is designed for long-term use, while boasting a cable-free design and maximum memory.


The Esprimo range really takes education into the future. This complete range of fully featured and highly expandable PCs offers outstanding production quality, 94% power efficiency, and reduced deployment costs for years to come. The desktop Esprimo G Series has a stylish space-saving design without compromising functionality and flexibility, while the G Series display mount reduces clutter for a clear study space. Together, these two Esprimo devices remove distractions and make it easier for students to focus on their learning.


The Primeflex integrated system is Fujitsu’s answer to the need for new and better ways for IT infrastructure to keep up with the demand for new systems. It offers next-generation, software defined data centre architecture that’s easy to deploy, operate, and maintain.

As the education sector eases into the new, digital era, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with innovative tech that’s designed for success. With Fujitsu’s education portfolio devices, students, teachers, and parents all get the support they need, with tech that’s built to help them not only adapt to the future of learning, but greet it with open arms.


  • Windows 10 Pro. Fujitsu recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.
  • Excellent security for your business
  • Premium connectivity
  • Convenient upgradeability
  • Family concept