29th March 2021 How brands are supporting education

We partner with some of the biggest brands in the education sector. That means we can always bring you the latest products and news on what technology is available for you.

We look at how our brand partners are supporting education to make things better for teachers and students. With devices, smart technology, protection, and accessories.

Acer for Education

Acer have a technology arm fully geared to cater for the education industry. Acer for Education is committed to supporting schools and institutions to help create collaborative learning environments.

Acer for Education offers the finest technologies, with a goal to help teachers and educational institutions empower students and give then the tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Acer advanced hardware portfolio include notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, tablets, monitors, projectors, and mixed reality solutions. Acer support the 21st century classroom with an extended system of innovative solutions and dependable and affordable devices.

Delivering a 360-degree ecosystem, Acer for Education brings together devices and technologies, teaching resources solutions, academy training, best-in class service and partnership network, to meet the requirements of the schools of tomorrow.

Lenovo smart technology

Lenovo are developing smart technology to match the evolving needs of the classroom. Educational institutions are becoming a mix of onsite and remote working and Lenovo are creating innovative technology and software to facilitate learning wherever it takes place.

As higher education is forced into a new way of working, educators are needing to realign curriculums to follow suit. As the world’s leading provider of educational technology, Lenovo is ensuring institutes stay responsive to real-world educational challenges.

Lenovo’s trade-in scheme is an affordable way to refresh and recycle old IT. They give cashback in exchange for outdated kit against a new Lenovo device. These devices are perfect for the classroom, and ideal for distance learning and teaching.

With Lenovo devices, you are guaranteed secure and reliable high-performance technology that has been specially designed to help young learners and teachers. Lenovo devices are rugged, next-gen secure, empowering, and allows for remote management of classes.

Asus computing solutions

Education has transformed far beyond the limits of the classroom. Networks and IT demands have changed so dramatically that schools are completely overhauling their information infrastructure to keep up. Asus provide computing solutions that help them.

Schools are under pressure to close network gaps, implement cloud services, automate their libraries, and fill their classrooms with the right computing. But innovation is at the heart of everything Asus do, and they provide a range of modern devices, services, and accessories.

For every type of classroom Asus has a solution. Now that traditional blackboard teaching is a rare sight, they can support filling the room with projectors, an EeeBox and interactive whiteboard, all-in-one touchscreen PC, and interactive student tablets.

Asus also help with space planning for computer classrooms and support filling the space with PCs and monitors. They also have management tools to perform software updates and maintenance. Asus make it easy to manage and keep systems up to date.

The detail and after-sales service that ASUS brings to computer classrooms are the best in the industry. Whatever the model or type of device, each one benefits from the full support of the ASUS after-sales service. This delivers peace of mind for teachers and schools.

Lockncharge stations and carts

Lockncharge classroom charging stations and classroom carts are designed specifically for the unique needs of the education market. With their education sector roots, Lockncharge work directly with educators, using feedback to enhance their products.

Lockncharge charging stations for schools are built to simplify and enhance mobile device deployments. They offer Chromebook carts for schools and charging stations that are compatible with Chromebooks, tablets, laptops & iPads and more.

The unique open top-loading design and baskets make deployment of devices easy. Baskets allow devices to be shared between and throughout classrooms quickly, safely, and easily by using Chromebook carts. This can save up to 70 hours of instructional time each school year.

Lockncharge classroom charging stations and classroom carts provide maximum flexibility for charging any type of device. This includes Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, laptops and even robots. Simply put, if the device fits in the cart, it can be charged in the cart.

STM device protection

As well as devices and where to charge them, we also partner with STM, who design hard-wearing products that protect devices from the rigors of school life. These cases and bags are tested to the maximum to ensure they are ready for anything.

Choosing STM’s Dux and Atlas cases for example, has a long-term reward of not needing to replace damaged devices. Drops happen, especially in the busy life of a student, but Dux outsmarts them with protection for tablets such as the iPad.

As well as providing protection, STM bags are also lightweight and slim, to fit into the student lifestyle. Their flagship Myth bag for example, is a compact carry with additional features such as AirPod pocket, water resistance, and TPU coated handles.

Targus best-in-class technology

Targus create the best educational technology solutions for schools and students to help them maximise their learning and teaching potential. We partnered with Targus because they have been in the business of protecting technology for more than 35 years.

Targus understand the value of devices, and focus on delivering quality cases, bags, locks, and covers to ensure that devices remain safe. They also offer a range of Military Standard protection for laptop and tablet devices.

Protecting your technology devices makes ICT investments go further and saves schools money. Universal Docking enables the creation of permanent, comfortable desk spaces for students and teachers to connect devices, for an enduring educational experience.

Targus are so confident of the quality; they offer a lifetime limited warranty on all their bags and cases. Targus also offer a unique a three-year warranty on docking stations plus a two-year warranty on all their other accessories across their range.