6th April 2021 Tests shows why SD-WAN is the next-gen network

Working from home has made wireless networks the hottest topic in the industry. It’s no surprise then that the flexibility and ease of VMware’s SD-WAN has made it popular for organisations.

We take a quick look at how Tolly test results have shown how SD-WAN can reduce packet loss and increase download speed. Showing why it has become the next generation of wireless network.

Reduced packet loss

Even under adverse network conditions, when everyone is busy using devices, SD-WAN can still remediate packet loss and deliver a high-quality experience. Independent testers Tolly verified all of VMWare’s claims, and benchmarked SD-WAN’s capabilities user experience for voice-over-IP (VoIP).

After significant testing by Tolly, VMWare SD-WAN demonstrated significant benefits for both VoIP and working from home (WFH) use when facing packet loss. Tolly were also able to verify throughput performance as described in the SD-WAN specification sheet.

Better download speed

When working from home became a reality for nearly every organisation in 2020, download speed was a key factor in ensuring productivity remained strong. But connections are not always reliable, and packet loss can have a negative impact on the end user, especially long waits for downloads.

Tolly found that SD-WAN improved download times by 66% with 5% packet loss and 61% with 8% loss. With SD-WAN in place for remediation even users that had experienced significant packet loss on their internet connections still get faster download speeds.