21st April 2020 Out with the old school

Retailers who sell EdTech products could soon be in a class of their own. The EdTech market is growing rapidly as schools and colleges make major investments in the latest innovative and interactive learning tools for kids and students.

Anyone who thinks that classroom teaching methods are still based on blackboards and textbooks needs to go back to school.

Innovations such as robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are revolutionising the way in which children and students are taught – the phrase ‘disrupting the classroom’ no longer means throwing things at teacher when their back is turned…

Education Technology (EdTech) is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital economy. According to the Education Foundation, the global market will hit a massive £128 billion this year – up from just £45bn in 2015.

One of the reasons for this impressive growth is the increasing demand for tech in the classroom: government statistics show that UK schools spend more than £900 million a year on EdTech.

In 2017, an article published by The Guardian highlighted startups who were creating toys that teach robotics and games that help kids learn coding, as well as apps for teachers – the article singled out education app, Kahoot!, which has over 50 million users every month.


The EdTech market is dominated by the US and China in terms of research and development, but the UK is catching up. Speaking at the opening of this year’s Bett trade show, Science Minister Chris Skidmore, outlined how the UK government is investing heavily in EdTech, and is pushing ahead with plans to provide around 1,700 schools, right across the UK with full-fibre internet connectivity – including those in rural areas.

The target is to get all those schools on a gigabit-capable connection by the end of 2025. Mr Skidmore said: “Harnessing the power of modern technology can help us change and transform lives and unlock the potential of every child.”


Retailers can’t afford to ignore the lucrative EdTech market – selling products to schools and colleges is big business –  but if you feel that you need to do your homework before you get involved, don’t worry – Exertis is here to assist you and can offer a wide range of gadgets, accessories and software that’s perfect for kitting out education establishments.

It’s important to offer the latest tech that will appeal to kids and tech-savvy youngsters, and also to assist them with their learning. The Exertis Education catalogue includes more than 220 top technology products and learning tools, including  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and coding kits that can help children learn and develop computer skills in a fun and engaging way. There’s also a wide range of cases, bags and protective screens for smart devices, as well as a host of digital data storage solutions, charging and power products, Bluetooth keyboards, stands and mounts for computers and tablets, and creative and security software.

If selling EdTech can help your business, speak to your Exertis account manager today to find out how EdTech products can be personalised for schools and colleges. Exertis provides services including printing, engraving and embossing: offering personalisation is a great way of upselling to your customers and can differentiate you from the competition.

If you embrace EdTech, with a little help from Exertis, you’ll soon be top of the class.