18th March 2021 Exertis goes green with Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day is a yearly initiative held by the Global Recycling Foundation to encourage people to think about the benefits of recycling. The event’s goal is to help recognise and celebrate the importance of recycling for the future of our planet. Exertis believes in promoting sustainability and doing our bit to help preserve our planet and its resources.

A sustainable solution

Recycling is an important part of maintaining our planet’s wellbeing and offers a sustainable solution to the disposal of everyday waste. The average person generates 4lbs of disposable waste every day, and 1.5 tonnes of solid waste every year. However, 91% of all plastics created are not recycled, but are disposed of non-sustainably. By not recycling goods, we end the lifecycle of that product, put more pressure on the planet’s finite resources, and bring ourselves closer to the point where these resources run out. Unsustainable waste disposal also has links to climate change, with the last decade proving to be the hottest on record. As these temperatures continue to rise, we will see an increase in deforestation, wildfires, and the melting of icecaps – all leading to further issues such as mass unemployment, poverty, and the destruction of natural habitats.

While these statistics are alarming, recycling can offer a convenient and easy solution. Every year, recycling saves over 700 tonnes in Co2 emissions, with a projected increase to 1 billion tonnes saved per year as of 2030. Not only this, but recycling helps to offset job losses, by providing 1.6 million jobs worldwide around processing recyclables. Through correctly recycling goods, we provide an alternative to the constant depletion of resources; in just two months, recycled aluminium cans can be re-used for new products and put back on shop shelves. For a glass container, this process can take as few as 30 days. With initiatives like Global Recycling Day highlighting the importance of switching to recycling as a more sustainable method of disposal, the positive impact of recycling can only become more obvious and beneficial for our planet.   

Making Exertis more sustainable

As proud participants of Global Recycling Day, Exertis has taken this opportunity to review how the Exertis Group approaches sustainability every day across all its business. Exertis constantly strives to run its daily operations in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Its efforts include easily implemented objectives such as reducing plastic in its offices wherever possible, and more complex and widespread initiatives; all of which are important to reducing business’s carbon emissions. Exertis UK is working in collaboration with packaging supplier Macfarlane, to reduce the amount of plastic used in warehouses by 24 percent (equal to 18 tonnes of plastic). With the success of this initiative, Exertis is beginning to look to implement these reductions across European operations. Also at Exertis UK, the marketing team has replaced the plastic wrap for its quarterly reseller magazine with potato starch polywrap, which is 100 percent compostable.
Amacom has begun to focus on the separation of waste in warehouses, to make materials easier to recycle. It has also implemented automatic pallet wrapping machines and pre-stretched foil to reduce the risk of material waste, as well as more durable packaging materials in the form of recycled and recyclable plastic air pockets. Hypertec and Kondor are also contributing to keeping the Exertis group sustainable, through the implementation of recyclable packaging options, and reducing overall plastic use in packaging. Across a large number of Exertis business locations, it has begun to transform both office and warehouse workspaces, by replacing under-desk bins with recycling bins, removing plastic bottles from canteens vending machines, and offering glass or refillable bottles instead of plastic cups.

Great tips for living sustainably

While Exertis, as a business, has taken steps to become more sustainable and friendly to the environment, it can be difficult to know where to start when reducing your own impact on the environment. Exertis employees have put together some great tips to get you started living more sustainably and making recycling a priority.

  • Use less things made of plastic. Think of all the items you use every day that are made of plastic and consider whether there are environmentally friendly alternatives. Plastic bags, straws, and bottles all have available alternatives made from more sustainable materials. If you have to use plastics, try to reuse them as often as possible, and recycle anything that cannot be reused.
  • Repair and reuse. Instead of throwing away items and buying replacements, consider if they can be reused. If they’re broken, think about whether they’re able to be fixed.
  • Make sure recycled goods are clean, dry, and put in the correct bins.
  • Find out the best way of recycling other materials, such as electronics.
  • Remember to recycle packaging when you open and use new things.

Global Recycling Day provides a good opportunity for all of us to consider our current relationship with sustainability, environment-friendliness, and recycling. Both across businesses, and in our personal lives, it is important to review our situations often to make sure we are proceeding in a way that causes the least amount of harm to the environment. With just a few, easy changes, we can all make a positive impact on our planet and make it a better, cleaner, greener place.

Sources: www.globalrecyclingday.com