25th March 2021 How to keep your business secure

Cyber security is no doubt a top priority for businesses right now, during big changes to how data is used and controlled in the new modern workplace. New research indicates 84% of businesses will likely increase work-from-home capacity beyond the pandemic despite security concerns. It’s certainly a potentially vulnerable time for businesses, so here’s our top 5 cyber hygiene habits that can help keep your business safe in the modern workplace.

5 ways to help stay secure with cyber hygiene

Use antivirus software

The need for antivirus software is obvious, but you also need to choose a reputable software provider. Antivirus software scans and eliminates computer viruses, malicious software or malware and ransomware. It should also be part of any good cyber hygiene routine and should be one of the first practices you adopt.

Update software regularly

An important cyber hygiene habit is updating software. Make sure you update your apps, web browsers and operating systems. This guarantees you’re working with the most current glitch-free programs which have had any loopholes closed that cyber criminals might exploit. The good news is you can program your software to update automatically.

Multi-factor authentication

This cyber hygiene practice often goes unnoticed. Multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of cyber security with the use of biometrics like facial or fingerprint recognition. This makes it much harder for cyber criminals to get access to your data.

Device encryption

If in doubt lock it down! Most organisations will already have data encryption processes implemented. However, you might want to encrypt your own devices and any other media containing sensitive personal data. Always ensure USB memory sticks are encrypted too.

Back up important files

Ensure you keep essential files safe by backing them up offline on an external hard drive or in the Cloud. This will safeguard against data loss, especially if cyber criminals compromise one of your devices. Like you, our technology partners are developing their products and services to match the needs of businesses in the modern workplace. Click the logos below to discover how some of our best partner solutions for staying secure