29th October 2021 Introducing the latest generation Dell 15G PowerEdge Servers

Dell are quickly moving into the new uncharted territory created by an interconnected and data-driven world. We look at how their new 15G PowerEdge servers are helping businesses innovate, adapt, and grow with the latest generation of compute solutions.

Dell’s new 15G PowerEdge server portfolio is designed to power your ‘innovation engine’. This means that the challenges of digital transformation can be met head on and allows businesses to adapt to a wide range of modern workloads and objectives.

Dell’s next-gen server solutions

Today’s demands can change overnight, and older infrastructure simply cannot keep up. This makes digital transformation crucial, and the need for an adaptable, scalable, and secure IT foundation. That’s why our vendor partner Dell Technologies believes in the need for continuous innovation.

They make constant improvements to their server portfolio to drive performance and efficiency, as well as ensuring total cost of ownership is keeping within the budgets of businesses. Here’s just some examples of how their latest 15G PowerEdge solutions are staying innovative:

A focus on acceleration

Dell’s new 15G PowerEdge server portfolio supports a complete stack of GPUs to optimise performance for the entire spectrum of workloads including:

  • High performance computing (HPC)
  • Training and inferencing for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL)
  • Data analytics
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and dense virtualisation

Intrinsic server security

Proactive resilience is anchored by an immutable, silicon-based root of trust and enables security functions like end-to-end boot verification including UEFI Secure Boot Customisation, trusted BIOS, firmware chain of trust, and verified OS bootloader.

Firmware is protected using NIST guidelines including signed firmware updates and certificate management is simplified through automatic renewal. Dell’s PowerEdge servers also provide data-at-rest protection using Secure Enterprise Key Manager (SEKM) and data-in-use protection with Confidential Compute CPU technologies.

It’s also important to mitigate against threats like counterfeit components, malware, and firmware tampering. Dell Technologies’ comprehensive approach to supply chain security utilises tools for counterfeit avoidance, manufacture chain of custody, code signing, chassis intrusion and tamper-evident packaging. Secured Component Verification (SCV) extends supply chain security by verifying server component integrity, to deliver solutions that are easy to trust.

Broader supportability for PSU

Dell’s latest generation of PowerEdge power supply units (PSUs) have also introduced Mixed Mode support and an enhanced extended power range (EPR). This allows for higher powered configurations to take advantage of longer peak power periods.

Broader suppoThoughtful cooling designsrtability for PSU

Dell has helped to enable the increasing density required to empower innovation. Dell Technologies tailored their new server designs to address the cooling needs of today’s denser data centres:

  • Dell Multi-Vector Cooling 2.0, part of the Thermal Manage suite, is an advanced thermal design that streamlines airflow pathways for superior cooling.
  • Dell Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC) is a new option that leverages the superior thermal capacity of water to remove heat more efficiently.
  • Dell Leak Sense detection capability protects liquid cooled servers and is fully managed by the integrated Dell Remote Access controller (iDRAC).

New server connectivity standard for Ethernet

Dell Technologies was an integral member in defining a new form factor for Ethernet. OCP NIC 3.0 will replace the Rack Network Daughter Card (rNDC) with an open, non-proprietary industry standard. This provides the option of iDRAC Shared LOM and delivers better maximum adapter density.