16th June 2021 Transforming healthcare with Lenovo

The healthcare sector has complex tech needs. That’s where Lenovo comes in.

For any workplace to run efficiently, the right tech is key. From offices to warehouses, having tech that increases productivity and reduces operational issues is a driving force for success. In healthcare environments, this is even more important. Staff in diverse patient care settings need technology that can facilitate and keep up with the unique needs of multiple workflows and patient needs. Lenovo provides the technology that can do just that.

Developing needs

The need for efficient healthcare is more prominent now than ever before. Demographic shifts are challenging healthcare providers to find ways to increase patient capacity in a time faced with a shortage in physicians. A move to digital and technology-based practice is a key step in combating these issues. This means computers are at the forefront of the sector’s most significant transformational initiatives.

Healthcare going digital

This widespread digitisation of the healthcare sector means an opportunity for change and development in key areas of patient care. But it can also raise some issues as healthcare workspaces begin to adapt.  


From remote offices to home visits, it’s become increasingly important for healthcare workers to have access to reliable tech solutions to manage patient care wherever it’s needed most. This includes the provision of mobile workstations, cloud data access and high-tech teleconference tools.

Team care

Throughout the healthcare sector, teams work together to make sure patients receive the best possible care, and are able to stay out of acute care facilities for longer. To ensure multiple team members are able to work seamlessly together, it’s important to invest in technology that can offer secure identity authentication and file-sharing capabilities.


Healthcare is a sector that goes hand-in-hand with confidentiality, and the importance of security for both patients and workers. As data sharing and team collaboration have evolved, so has the need for device management, network security and identity protection tools.


Connected devices like patient sensors and smart building technology ensure patients receive the best care. However, they also increase the number of endpoints being managed by healthcare IT systems and can make organisations vulnerable to security breaches. To combat this, remote management and security technologies must keep pace with solutions designed specifically to address IoT.

Lenovo solutions

It’s not enough to have products that can be used for healthcare. Lenovo Health is dedicated to designing innovative products and services that solve today’s healthcare problems and prepare for the future of care delivery.

Secure access

Lenovo has developed industry-leading authentication tools that provide safety, while not causing obstacles to patient care. Our RFID, NFC and facial recognition technologies are compatible with Windows Hello and all major single sign-on providers. With one-tap login and FIPS 2021-compliant biometrics, Lenovo ensures access technology that streamlines processes while remaining secure

Workflow innovation

From mobile workstations to virtual desktop infrastructure, our designed-for-healthcare devices are all supported by a versatile line of carts, cases, arms, and mounts. And for specific needs, our expert Lenovo Health solution architects can help design efficient workspaces for every department

Windows 10 pro

With Windows 10 pro, identity, device, and application management are all simplified, so healthcare remains the primary focus. Easily connect to existing networks and modern cloud-based management, while intuitive control over IT infrastructure means healthcare environments can prepare for anything


All our products are backed by Lenovo’s ThinkShield portfolio, which includes a full range of security tools to safeguard data, device, user identity, and online security. ThinkShield secures the entire health IT ecosystem, provides endpoint management that secures remote computers and IoT devices, and has built-in privacy screens and camera shutters to protect vital patient information

Cleaner technology

Lenovo simplifies device cleaning processes with a comprehensive approach that aligns with CDC and WHO standards for healthcare cleaning, disinfection, and sanitisation. Our healthcare devices incorporate antimicrobial surface treatments, and are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning. And the Lenovo Quick Clean software app suspends user input so devices can be thoroughly wiped-down without requiring device shutdown

Hospital safe

Waterproof keyboards and pointing devices, high-resolution diagnostic displays, travel hubs, lockable docking stations, teleconference-quality headphones and secure external hard drives make our devices able to adapt to any healthcare setting

Premium support

Lenovo stays with you through your device’s entire lifecycle. Our skilled technicians provide a constant point of contact, protecting your tech investments with ongoing support, damage protection, warranty extensions, and more

A complex setting needs complex solutions. That’s why we designed the Lenovo Health range to provide support for the healthcare sector. With a range of devices and services created to tackle the day-to-day requirements of multiple environments, Lenovo is providing unique and innovative solutions for this rapidly developing industry.