Executive Team

Our executive team members have an in-depth knowledge and unique understanding of the fast-paced technology sector and a proven track record of delivering impressive results.

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin - Exertis

Fiona Graham

Fiona Cooke - Exertis

Richard Hinds

Richard Hines - Exertis

Sion Wineyard

Sion Wineyard - Exertis

James Ward

James Ward - Exertis

Phil Brown

Phil Brown - Exertis

Rod McCarthy

Rod McCarthy - Exertis

Lianne Denness

Lianne Denness - Exertis

Paul Bryan

Paul Bryan - Exertis

Mark Kahr

Mark Kahr - Exertis

Mike Buley

Mike Buley - Exertis

Simon Woodman

Simon Woodman  - Exertis

Nick Foster

Nick Foster - Exertis

Gary Fowle

Gary Fowle - Exertis

Steve Healy

Steve Healy - Exertis

Andrew Beaumont

Steve Healy - Exertis