Case Studies

Exertis values partnerships. We work hand in hand with our resellers and retailers to help them bring technology solutions that solve real life problems for their end user customers. These are best illustrated in case study examples and testimonials from our partners.

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Using VR in a business application

Healthcare is a great example of where Exertis has worked with a SMB reseller, ImmersiCare, to provide ground-breaking implementation of virtual reality into the daily lives of patients living with dementia for its customer Quantum Care Homes, using it as a therapeutic engagement activity.

As part of this ground-breaking project, Exertis built both a commercial and technology solution which incorporated a website, marketing support (including a full branding-proposition), training, an out-of-the-box solution that contains all the necessary PC hardware (a VR-ready laptop), and an Oculus Rift VR headset.

Providing a Monitoring and Assessment Solution in Healthcare and Sport

The Linx tablet from Exertis provided the perfect blend of affordability and functionality for BPMpro, a reseller offering wearable medical-grade sensors and software solutions that provide assessment and measurement tools. Applications in healthcare and sports are many and varied and BPMpro has a prestigious list of clients that include many well-known brands. It also has uses in general workplace monitoring in occupational health and safety fields where the solution has been tested in extreme conditions.

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