Students use technology for so many aspects of their lives and education is no exception. Exertis has a great range of educational essentials including laptops, tablets, smartphones and software. Plus a great range of accessories: bags, wearables, headphones, speakers, chargers, storage and more.



Technology is ever present in the classroom used by both teachers and students to facilitate learning. According to government statistics, UK schools spend more than £900m a year on education technology. Exertis provides a wide range of educational products from interactive white boards and computing devices to VR headsets and 3D printing.



Technology has the capability to improve how teachers run their classrooms. Computing devices, smart boards, the internet and countless on-line resources improve the delivery of lessons. Exertis provides a range of educational solutions from wireless infrastructure and security to everyday computing devices and accessories.



The role of the library has changed dramatically over the years, with libraries becoming less about books and more about accessing information. Libraries have needed to change to remain relevant becoming more tech friendly hubs for collaboration and innovation. Exertis can work with resellers to transform libraries providing technology solutions and products.


ICT Suites

ICT Suites are large investments for schools. The infrastructure must be flexible enough to keep pace with emerging technologies, offering optimum flexibility for individual study and collective learning. More important than the equipment deployed is the wi-fi, networking and security that will underpin the system. Exertis has specialist team that provide support for resellers in these key areas.