As gaming increases its grip on the entertainment industry, some of the biggest blockbusters now come out of developer studios, rather than the Hollywood Hills.

21st April 2020

Out with the old school

Retailers who sell EdTech products could soon be in a class of their own. The EdTech market is growing rapidly as schools and colleges make major investments in the latest innovative and interactive learning tools for kids and students.

21st April 2020

Bett on Exertis

Exertis brands showcase at Bett, the world’s largest education technology show. STM and LocknCharge joined Exertis at the Bett show to showcase a range of gadget protecting and charging accessories, all perfect for the evolving education market

21st April 2020

CES 2020

Our report from the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Journalist Simon Lucas highlights just some of the exciting upcoming tech from his adventures at CES.

21st April 2020

For the love of pod

Podcasts are the new punk rock!
With podcasts more popular than ever, we sound out some of the latest kit to help aspiring podcasters create content, perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike

21st April 2020

Spring into action

It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors. Spring has sprung, which means your customers will be keen to enjoy the great outdoors again. We look at some of the top tech that can add a spring to their step.

21st April 2020

Cashing In

80% of UK adults are prepared for the cashless society, but is our love of card payments and the ongoing quest for convenience risking the longevity of the humble banknote?

23rd September 2019

Kondor Goes Rugged

Kondor, a global channel partner and distributor of consumer electronic accessories into high street retail, online, mass merchant and B2C, …