8th October 2018 How to get the most out of digital sales for your business
2017 was the biggest year on record for the gaming industry in the United Kingdom. Software sales amassed over £5.11bn in revenue, which was up 12.4% on the previous twelve months, and UK consumers spent a massive £790m on boxed copies of games, itself an increase of 3.4% over 2016. But, the continued rise of digital content saw online sales dwarf its physical rivals as the sector accounted for a staggering £1.6bn, and mobile gaming also passed a significant landmark, with revenues crossing the £1bn boundary for the first time.

These figures illustrate quite clearly that online and digital sales are an essential part of any retail strategy. Of course, it’s easy to say that every brand should immediately setup a web portal and begin selling products digitally, but what if you don’t have the time or technical knowhow to implement this kind of facility, or simply want to expand the catalogue you offer to customers? That’s where Exertis can help, thanks to its Exertis Digital Stock Room (EDSR) and Exertis Ztorm services.

Adding digital content to your range

One of the major advantages of digital games is that they allow retailers to avoid the risks of financial exposure that can come with holding lots of physical stock. There’s no need to consider how you organise your storage facilities, and even if a game suddenly becomes the ultimate must-have item you’ll never run out of stock.

Exertis Ztorm provides a low cost and low risk solution to any retailer wanting an efficient, reliable and flexible transition from physical to digital sales. This is achieved by offering retailers an extensive online catalogue that can be plugged into their existing websites, complete with all relevant product information.

With over ten years’ experience of working with some of the world’s leading retailers, Exertis Ztorm provides instant access to hundreds of content providers. These include RockStar Games, Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, Microsoft, and many more.

Exertis Ztorm sees its role as that of integration rather than distribution, bringing world-class products to your shelves without the administrative hassles that often comes with setting up and maintaining multiple accounts. They take care of everything.

Redemption for retailers of all sizes

Smaller, independent stores or retailers yet to create an e-commerce venture, can make use of ‘redemption’ sites provided by Exertis Ztorm, where customers purchase keys to unlock and download titles. The advantages of this approach are that it not only gives brands an online commercial presence, but also allows the collection of customer emails that can then be used in promotional campaigns.

Exertis also offers dedicated account managers that can help keep you abreast of significant upcoming releases, actively look for new sales opportunities, and help newcomers to digital distribution avoid the common pitfalls.

Accompanying this are automated asset delivery & pricing, new release & promotions support, real-time sales data, plus consolidated reporting and invoicing. Security is also paramount, with all download codes delivered securely to the Exertis Digital Stock Room, and able to be ordered either on the phone, online, or via EDI.

Online while in-store

Another hugely popular service retailers can make use of is selling download codes on the shop floor. This can be done via kiosks where customers browse for items and then go to the till to make their payments, or from a web interface used by the cashier to issue download codes. In either case the code can be printed as a separate receipt or included on one that also contains other items bought in-store.

The obvious advantage of this approach is that retailers can hold inexhaustible amounts of virtual stock, while also integrating seamlessly with any in-store promotions.

For more information on introducing digital content to customers, or expanding the catalogue you currently offer, talk to your Exertis representative today about the huge advantages Exertis Ztorm and EDSR can bring to your bottom line.