Digital Services

  • 24/7 x 365 online ordering
  • E-commerce portal with quick order facility
  • Stock availability check and price guide
  • Manage your Account in the “Manage your Account” area including:
  • View order status - including all quotes, orders received, allocated and shipped
  • View and access invoices - full traceability and download of invoices
  • Manage and track deliveries online - track consignment numbers, courier dispatch, out on delivery and signed-for status
  • Log and track all serial numbers and IMEI numbers - beneficial for leasing, insurance and auditing purposes and fully downloadable in an Excel document
  • Returns facility - all linked into the customer services team who manage the returns for you!
  • Electronic integration with EDI, PriceCAT feeds and content delivery service
  • Links to a range of manufacturers' tools, configurators and microsites

Each redemption website is created with your objectives in mind and can include additional on-box promotional stickers and/or point-of-sale flyers for in-store promotion to drive consumers online. These sites can capture consumer data for on-going customer care and support services, as well as provide full tracking and reporting services to provide real-time consumer engagement.

With an Exertis trade-only account, you can apply online to access our digital stock room. Customers don't need a web account to access the digital locker. All you have to do is select the right product, place your order and the Exertis EDSR system will automatically send you a ‘download code or activation code’ via SMS, email or print. You can then conveniently send this onto your customer to enable them to download the software onto their PC.

  • Online store – our platform solution and experienced team provide the most cost-effective way to sell digital products electronically
  • In-store – we can supply you with the best possible solutions to sell digital codes to your consumers in-store: from kiosks to digital point of display
  • Value add to packaged goods sales – from digital product bundling to physical products with online redemption and downloads
  • On-site development support – we can assist in implementing APIs to your existing e-commerce platform and, if so desired, help design a uniquely branded digital portal.
  • Exertis has a range of digital solutions to help retailers drive more business without having to stock physical products in-store. This saves time on ordering, stocking, shipping and delivering; while retailers can benefit from additional revenues from increased sales of software and gaming products.
  • High quality and eye-catching website designs
  • Easy navigation and well-thought out product placement
  • Website development and hosting
  • Copywriting and rich content development
  • Secure online payment facilities
  • SEO optimisation through use of keywords, links and other ranking criteria
  • Pay-per click advertising can be arranged to encourage more leads
  • Post analysis and in-depth reporting to ensure you can continually evolve your website in-line with market trends.