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Exertis Customer Services

We never take our customers for granted. Ease of doing business and providing an excellent customer service is of paramount importance to us.

Our customer service team can help you with:

  • General Queries
  • Delivery Services
  • Returning Goods
  • Invoice Enquiries
  • Credit and Payment

Shortages, or Damage in Transit

We advise customers to examine goods upon delivery and to immediately contact our Customer Services department telephone on 01282 858710 to report any damages, written notice should follow this within 5 working days after delivery. It is important that customers check the goods before signing for them as being in good condition as this would make any claims null and void.

In the case of shortages or picking errors or damage in transit, we will either replace the missing or wrongly picked or damaged goods within a reasonable timeframe or issue a credit note to the customer. We would also ask for customers to return promptly any incorrectly delivered goods.


In the case of non-delivery, we require customers to inform our Customer Services department immediately by phone and to provide written notice of non-delivery within 5 working days of the delivery date. As a resolution, we will either replace the goods within a reasonable time frame or issue a credit note to the customer.

Late Delivery

We will always endeavour to deliver goods as required by our customers. However, in the rare cases of late delivery we will not assume liability.

For full details on our returns policy and its restrictions, please refer to article 18.3 of our Terms and Conditions of service.

Unfortunately, we will not assume liability for the loss in transit of any Goods where the customer makes their own arrangements to return the goods to us.

Copies of invoices

You can obtain a copy of any invoices or direct any queries to their credit controller.

However, if you do not have an invoice to hand or cannot find your credit controllers name, queries can be directed to any customer services representative who will then pass queries to the relevant credit controller.

Accounts with overdue balances will be placed on credit hold. This means that no further Goods will be shipped and all support and repair/warranty services withdrawn until the account is brought into order. Repeated failure to keep to our credit terms will result in the permanent loss of credit facility.

For full details on our credit policy and payment information please refer to article 9.1-9.6 of our Terms and Conditions.

Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services

Our European Supply Chain Services business, Exertis SCS, works right across the supply chain to stream line the supply side activities of numerous internationally renowned brands, creating competitive advantages in their market places.


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